He has only the tools of his past trade to work through it with, a pencil, a brush more often, and increasingly the toolbox/keyboard he just managed to grab hold  of as the arcane traditions, values and tools of his craft were displaced by the flood of the digital – displaced not replaced.

But as usual it comes back to Kalaya, Alexander and Juanita and that other place they live in for the moment, that he still calls HOME. All endeavours for this Crooked Man through the years would have come to nothing if they have not come back to HOME. Not to the crumbling bricks and rotting mortar of Ficus as he thought, but his HEART. Not as it seemed yesterday ~ a distant geographic location but this 68 year old thing in his chest, cardiologists consider their terrain. Ha! That is where we all should live. It’s the Good Place and you’re very welcome.

It seemed an impossible and dangerous journey for the Crooked Man two years ago . To be at peace with the world was a first step he has made for himself, in Sarawak. The next step needs to be with others, bound together by love, loyalty and … contractual obligation. Today his HEART is in Sarawak . In a week it will be in Ficus. If he holds to  plan ~ he will be back in Sarawak in February following his HEART…

…continuing his journey.


C’Mas Past Archive

Author’s Note : Reflecting on the decision to make Sarawak HOME  for three years was a year long process. My annual C’mas project started in November.The drawing above took one wet(hot) Sunday afternoon. Its translation digitally and outputting via laser printer onto a decent A4 text was not a long process either. An AO is hanging in my office. Emailing it to people as a file will be instantaneous. Snail mailing it might take forever. But will be done. The digital postcards below were made over dinner on a laptop using the magic of CS5,iPhoto archives, an online Chinese translator and posted on Facebook , one an evening for six evenings.

This post will be sent to Facebook as soon as its complete.

Isn’t technology wonderful?


The Journey and the Journal have many starting points. And no end. The links above will take you back to C’mas 2010. 

This link will take you to a point in the Journal in February 2011 when the Author arrived in Sarawak. Forward from there will bring you to the present – whatever that is.


DIG below will take you back to the beginning of this fine madness around January 2010.

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