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The Last will And Testament of
Born Melbourne 17 June 1943 (18) (15)

2010 ~ 2019


Home are the haunted ;

home with their kill…

At Noojee June 2019

On February 19th 2019

AfW returned to Australia from [Sarawak]; 

parenthesising a decade of his Narrative.

He was 67 and is now 76 and not

much wiser for the [mindmiles]


“I’m coming Penelope..! “

… he said, pulling on his overcoat.

…he said dragging on a MonteCristo,

a gift from his son on his last 69th birthday.

…he said while thinking only of the [Moreau]

he stumbled upon…in 1974.

…in 1974.



At Noojee June 2019


Anthony Frederick Ward?


1990 ~ 2009

Autumnal Digression


At Noojee June 2019

One – probably Easter – Autumn day the boy asked,

“Why is it so hot in Summer and Cold in Winter?”

“There’s a dragon in the forest,” he was told.

“What’s a dragon?”

“A really big lizard that breathes fire.

Like a Tyrannosaurus Rex …

..with flame coming out its mouth…

It sleeps through Winter…”

“Like Godzilla”

“Not Japanese!”


1982 ~ 1989

Melbourne ~ Khrungthep

At Noojee June 2019

BO  – “There’s a job here if you want it.”

TW – “I’ll drop in on my way to the UK.”

BO – “If you timed it for the O&M Christmas Party

          you could meet [Khun Sunandha.]”

TW – “OK’


1973 ~ 1981

How Great Thou[Self] Art!

At Noojee June 2019

The only [truefootprint] we could discover for this late 20th century hunter gatherer is in the forest of  the [worldmind].

1964 ~ 1973

A Terse Interdependence

At Noojee June 2019

       Faced with [selffreedom] to create according to his own plan the Author followed a preordained path unknowable to him at the time; defined, guided and illuminated by Choice – Chance’s [harlotsister] and Random – his [FirstLove]. 

Iteration is an end in itself

At Noojee June 2019


Is [SELFSATISFACTION] the highest or lowest possible human achievement or more or less increasingly absent from core [worldhumanity] altogether.

Observing Jacky hitting himself on the head with an iron bar a  passing squatter intervenes –

Why are you hitting yourself over the head poor man – ?

Because him feels plurry good Boss.

Stop !

1956 ~ 1963

This boy!

At Noojee June 2019

       “This [daydreamer] has grown up seeing the real world as 45 dpi screened images overprinted with a bloody spot colour Stop-Press garnishing a gritty black ink smear on newsprint. The unforgettable darkness of the Hiroshima Panels or the pin-up-able forever autumnal Woman’s Weekly gravure.  He understood that the job classification of [print devil] was a real option and had by three years old identified hydro carbon vapour as one of his favourites. And soon after that the fragrance of synthetic raspberry, dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream and a banana milkshake. Underwritten by a persistent base note of floor wax on boards. An Evening in Paris avec Marveer…

1943 ~ 1955

You Bastard!

At Noojee June 2019

Joan and Malcolm were engaged in 1939. Malcolm died in 1939. Joan was 21.

Jeff and Joan were married in 1941.  Anthony was born in 1943. Joan was 25.

Joan was diagnosed with dementia in 1970. She was 52. Joan was sectioned by the police in 1970 after a disturbance at Alpha Street She was found to be intestate, declared a ward of the State and her estate  attached by the State.

Anthony visited his mother once when she was in Larundel in 1970 with IH but not again until 1976 at MontPark with AM. In 1978 the Joan’s  diagnosed early onset dementia resulted in her death from pneumonia .

Joanie was 60 years old. A detailed chronology of events immediate to that dark day can only follow facts yet to be revealed. Imagination left alone arrayed naked on hot wire can only define a misery that is Grief.

Who called the police to 1 Alpha Street Nth Balwyn?

Was it a bottle of milk or a steak knife?

Call D~24 ? (13)pedestalGIFMaker.org_w7Kwyz

The Noojee Guanyin Noojee June 17 2019 (14)

Noojee Hash Noojee June 17 2019 (14)

In the late 90’s – early

noughties -Tony Ward (AfW)

measured Photoshop 4 against

the day of Family Ward

and Swinburne @ Prahran

in digital postcards.

20 All New Types (14)

webp-net-gifmaker-13-1a2GIFMaker.org_zlCogV(3) (15)

GIFMaker.org_MMey2J (23)curtainGIFMaker.org_mzAS3f (20) copy (20)MORANDI gifmaker (80) (81)


There Was A Crooked Man And He walked a Crooked Mile, He Found A Crooked Sixpence Upon A Crooked Stile.He Bought A Crooked Cat, Which Caught A Crooked Mouse and they all lived together in A Crooked Little House.


The Longest Age passed and to all not he; River Time flowed seemingly straight A to B

Fates shared; Sun gilded threads coalesce ornate – Splendorous and Gorgeous; one thing obdurate.

‘Bah Humbug’… he declared with a sigh.

Life’s straight line’s quite crook’d to my eye!


Born with the capacities

not the strength

to be a Good Man

Grasping tools and flesh

he fashioned idols

as a Useful Man


through mundane works

how to be a Caring Man

Finding at least

in the promise of his children

a Better Man

Kneeling at the edge of The Forest

sated being Every Man

Bathed in life’s lastlight

he can at last smile

a Happy Man


.. (63) (68)


nodficus-editions-2 (13)title2KNOSSOSSX4SKETCHBOOKX4KNOSSOS



sunburst3 copySKULLficus-editionsunburst3. (73)harvestcSTUDIOnoojee2-copy (64)



Noojee October 2018

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sunburst3 (17)autumn-moon-aautumn-moon bautumn-moon aautumn-moon aautumn-moon a (66)


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sunburst3 copyheader-sarawaksunA-MOON2_SMALLlapis1Not-FartopAFTERLIFE-BLUEBATIKMA-MOON2_Page_1.2AFTERLIFE-BLUEtitle1autumn-moon-b-copy2-e1439689522997


sunburst3 copyMOTHERS' DAY 2015 #2_Page_1MOTHERS' DAY 2015 #2_Page_2mothers-day-2015-2_page_3sunburst3

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sunburst3 copyPINKDOUBLE-HAPPINESS-JUNE-17cottage 113567456_1358948230787693_1575268759907176727_nVICTRYDOUBLE-HAPPINESS-JUNE-17sunburst3sunburst3 (14)sunburst3 (11)

m Forcett Cemetery Tasmania June 29 2016 at the grave of James Ward 1818 ~ 1885sunburst3 copysunburst3 (90)sunburst3 (2) (6) (5) (12)
Charles_Lamb_by_William_Hazlitt librevox4sunburst3sunburst3 copy497px-Charles_Lamb_by_William_Hazlittsunburst3

My motto is: Contented with little~Yet hoping for more.

Charles Lamb 1775 -1834





  1. Fred Harden Says:

    I knocked but thought that you were no longer home. I just wanted to leave this under the door, so after resetting my wordpress account and clicking all over the place I’ll try again. Just a Super 8 transfer from my not very high res home scanner. Needing an edit, music (suggestion?) before I show it to everyone

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