1943 ~ 1955

You Bastard!

Joan and Malcolm were engaged in 1939. Malcolm died in 1939.Joan was twentyone. Jeff and Joan were married in 1941.  Anthony was born in 1943. Joan was sectioned by the police in 1970 and being found to be be intestate was declared a ward of the state.Anthony visited his mother once when she was in Larundel in 1970 but not again until 1976 In 1978 she died at MontPark a year or two after being diagnosed with early onset dementia. Joanie was 60 years old. A detailed chronology of events immediate to that dark day can only follow facts yet to be revealed. Imagination left alone – naked  -violently arrayed on hot wire – can only define a misery. That is Grief.

Who called the police to 1 Alpha Street Nth Balwyn?

Was it a bottle of milk or a steak knife?

Did John Kerr really live in Wallace Avenue?

Calling D-24…


The Royal Tour

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