2 Responses to “DOUBLE HAPPINESS #4 (ANTIQUE)”

  1. Helen Wire Says:

    Glad you’re back on WordPress. Have missed the Sathurday posts, and you. Is that Kalaya in the little hat? xxxhelen

    • Anthony Frederick Ward Says:

      I’ve been busy dear Helen (lots of PAGES and bloody work) – I accidentally published the PAGE you just saw (briefly) as a POST . I miss my SATHUDAYS and… K’ching. It’s now a PAGE. No it’s not K in the picture. A student in an 8.30 class…THE DOUBLE HAPPINESS PAGES are where there are pictures from the last few months.maybe you’ll recognize this beautiful girl meeting her maternal aunt in a small village in Southern Thailand … see the bottom of the DOUBLE HAPPINESS #1 (MARRIAGE) scroll.

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