Perception is the coalface for Communication Design workers.

We are after all first and foremost perception engineers. At our best in new terrain. In the dark. We are image makers who may also be picture makers. Wordsmiths. Information interventionists by profession.

Always design thinkers always.


CD@SUT is having perception problems.With our University management and infrastructure. Our Applicants. Our Industry. While each of these deals with a part not the whole.

Design educators are dealing with the whole. Or the part of the whole that impinges on our silos.



What is perceived from the communication that is a University, a School of Design or a Communication Design program is no less engineer-able than any other product or service. Through mediation by designed communication, right thinking can reintegrate what is inconsistent. The nature and form of that intervention is by necessity innovative. And risky.

Design educators are in the best position to perceive and resolve a RE:IMAGING of CD@SUT through direct action based in a clear shared vision of what is desirable and what will be sustainable.

What are YOU* going to do about it?

Problem definition first presumes analysis.

1. What is the existing perception of CD@SUT – by whom?

2. Is a defined positioning in place for CD@SUT – what is it?

3. What is the rational support for that positioning – that perception?

Comprehensive, objective answers to these three questions are essential to go forward.


In the absence of time for the scientific method to be applied with endorsement from all the required authorities a collation of opinions sought widely would be enough to answer the first.

How many opinions – from whom?


Is there an existing accessible disseminated mission statement? 

Is there more than one?

Where is it? What is it? Who shares it? How is it shared?

Is it single minded?


Is there consistent support for the promise of the existing collective communication – the declared or understood mission that is B.Des Communication Design?



In a unit silo everything might be perfect to its occupants but does the implicit network that connects all the silos exist or if it exists does it function optimally towards the goal – unifying optimal learning outcomes for the individual student?

I don’t know. Do YOU*?

As a personal legacy I would like to participate in a focused collegial effort to develop a single minded strategy for CD going forward. And be part of deliberate professional and corporately tolerated (if not supported) actions that acknowledge and build on the implicit worth of a brand I’ve been a stakeholder in my whole life. A local Made in Melbourne brand that despite many redirections in fifty+ years, manages to not just maintain but to advance its place in a global design world.



Silos are inevitably components of our infrastructure. But they can be transparent if we want them to be.

At least fenestrated? 


Collegial engagement to define the problem.


Access to all units within the program via Blackboard delivering a shared transparency to those who would wish to influence program adaptation to a RE:IMAGED CD@SUT.


Assessment of the infrastructural and resource planning and delivery in support of program units in the short and long term.


Preparation and delivery to CD staff and Alumni of a strategic plan for RE:IMAGING CD@SUT.


Strategic engagement by Communication Designers@SUT and Alumni with the Hawthorn Campus,CD Program and Industry.

CD@SUT needs YOU*

If you can see yourself supporting this IMAGE INITIATIVE through direct ACTION*leave your email address in the COMMENT box ~ AFW

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