The following text was an email response from (AFW), with an attachment, to the Selling Design Plan thread initiated by Gregory Wee Deputy Head (Design) following a summary presentation by Ralph Klewitz to Design Staff and DP Head of The School of Business and Design Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak. Ralph’s observations and imperatives to the young program were reenforced by DP’s imperative for Design Sarawak to grow. Ralph’s insights were the outcome of his experience of the first month of his tenure in Kuching.

(Head of School of Business Design and Design Staff in order of appearance in the INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTORY  Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak) 

Group Therapy – the animatic draft above, is a collaboration between the Design students in one unit, HDCOM311 Communication Design Strategy and AFW its tutor. It was generated in the April 12 2012  1.30 studio as a response to finishing the research component of the project and with the following strategy in mind. All 200 photos taken on a Canon pocket camera taped to a bench are presented here more or less in the sequence of their being taken over an hour and half of a two hour timetabled class. AFW pressed the button the students created the content. The images were processed and assembled in iPhoto and iMovie HD.

This animatic is a draft in that the length, its crudity of manufacture and the chosen track are unsustainable in the long term. The value to it’s primary target – the students involved, has already been achieved in its making and their Attitudes, Behaviours, Policy, Lives and Values are on the record.

Changing Minds is the title for this single Project unit. Attitudes, Behaviours, Policy, Lives and Values are the Research group titles for the semester. We’re running late on the 12 week timeline but we are learning a lot. 

The Selling Design Plan Email follows

 Along with Azuar – I’m grateful to Ralph for tipping the scales in a departmental discourse that has been meandering for a year or so – I’m also grateful to DP for the single minded imperative that Design needs to grow dramatically or… and its implications for the program. From Ralph’s presentation I take the significance of THE VALUE OF DESIGN IN THE FUTURE as a global statement that provides us with a proactive conceptual platform for our internal (SUTS/SARAWAK)  and external (NEW MARKETS) communications. Following is a hypothetical  for discussion – a structured communication plan (a la HDCOM311) that integrates (love that word) the pride/passion in what we do , who we do it for, and significantly why we do it . I’ve stayed single minded – we want to grow – the local market is finite – we have a good product which will get better and we need customers from somewhere else – but we need pride and professionalism in how we go about it getting them – Lets start by having a Plan. Let’s think strategically. -AFW-



April 16 2012


  1. David Lancashire Says:

    Good onya! Ward need to talk!! will send an e-mail David L

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