For all the flowers immediate appeal the species has an inner beauty only available upon reflection; that is its glory. The flower bruises easily and is not suited to container propagation. It also doesn’t support being cut from its vine and used in the interior decoration of the home. To be fully appreciated it must remain on the vine and in a natural relation to direct and plentiful sunlight. A trellis or other support is the most significantly useful intervention that can be made.The allure of its fragility has meant the transliteration of the idealized flower and leaf from nature to designed artifact has been a logical outcome in many cultures.

To look without touching, but to enjoy love of it without embodiment and a sense of life’s purpose fulfilled in its cultivation and nurture.

Patience and optimism are necessary for the species to proliferate and achieve its potential. Once established, apart from maintenance of essential nutrients ongoing cultivation is not needed and may be detrimental if too vigorous.

Cautious optimism in the planting, a little refurbishment of the trellis and this gardener’s work is done; for now. 

An asteroid enters the earth’s atmosphere impacting directly on Kuching Sarawak soon after dawn on a day in June 2012 . At its epicentre a cottage with a carefully tended flower and vegetable garden and it’s attendant grey haired gardener don’t know what hits them. The resulting dust cloud rises to the stratosphere encircles and enshrouds the planet in darkness, suffocating all but insect life. And the age of man (and Morning Glory) was over.

481352_463594933656365_1913333224_n 536463_463418000340725_1622021459_n


MorningGlory Guest House Kuching

JUNE 24 2012

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