LOVING A**** M*******

Annie Red Shoes In Waiting 28/06/2012

Significant (beautiful) clouds on campus yesterday. Spoke at length to the girl in red shoes. She always makes me think. Wrote a lot haven’t sent it. Twiddled thumbs… and toes. Had dinner with Azuar. Went to Government sponsored theatrical performance. Phone on silent. Lousy seats. Some cute dancers. One Malaysia! Hmmm. You didn’t ring. Tea and read two chapters on blue bed ~ asleep by midnight. Local time.

You weren’t far from my thoughts all night – but you weren’t there. Dreamt of a blue door instead.

That’s my Friday June 29 without you.

Here comes June 30.

Needed a walk – and some bananas. Satok Weekend Market is about the same distance from Christine’s Island as Glenferrie is from the house in Kew. A perfect fit. Hot day rain coming. That’s June. Saw a scorpion. Good walk , three bus  shelters on the way,  made it back before the rain started. Then you rang. Rain’s gone. So have you. No never mind. You’ll be back. Tomorrow down to the waterfront to shop and lunch I think. You wouldn’t be dead for quids.

Looking forward to some nice dreams tonight after honey stewed bananas and ice cream.

Wish you were here.


Lunch at the waterfront – why not. No Arthur. Had to walk to Satok to get a teksi. Dropped me at the Old Courthouse. The water front was buzzing (for an hour or two) market stalls, families, cars and it was hot and muggy. But I found my usual table at James Brooke, ordered my usual beer and lahksa…and felt alone. Being alone is ok – feeling alone – not so ok. Texted the girl in red shoes – not home. Rang my beautiful daughter who, given it was the Sunday after the Saturday night was still in bed at 3 o’clock Melbourne time. She misses me. I believe her. I miss her. There’s much about Melbourne I don’t miss here in Kuching… but Juanita I miss. Finished lunch. Shops were closed half day, so no shopping today. Went for a walk along the waterfront up to the old mosque and back to the Hilton for coffee and cheesecake. The expatriate gentleman. 8 weeks ago it would have been just a regular Sunday. It doesn’t feel as regular anymore. Alone.

Good teksi drivers aren’t hard to find. Had another one take me home who knew the house and offered to help me find a wife.

I really like Kuching teksi drivers.

It was a beautiful day.
Thank you.
Lunch was wonderful.
Dessert to die for.
Something to remember it by is in the vault.
I’ll never ‘forge’ it.

1 x Chinese baby pillow blue (cute)
1 x Dutch plate frieze pattern blue (Petrus Regout Maastricht 1890’s?)
1 x Durian money box (very spiky)

Yeah baby?

Wished you were here.


It was very 60’s yesterday
Lots of beautiful young people.
Some quite old
A beautiful place.
Some really not bad music
And me
Who really wished you were there.


Annie’s Cat Stockings 12/07/2012

An Echidna’s Butt

540342_510849685597556_1383513407_n 225970_532873866728471_1095977075_n 315458_500396816642843_1917788951_n

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