Satuday is a pleasure hunt for Herbert. An exploration of the heart in this place; a regular gentle love affair. For the furnishing of his heart with memory’s treasures; to exercise his heart and exorcise uncertainty. To spend time and phone credit talking across oceans and continents to the girl in the red shoes, on her wind swept southern promontory. To re-discover the heart, at the heart of things.

This Satuday’s journey started from MorningGlory on Jalan Bampfylde; saw Herbert walk down the hill and cross the  intersection to the Japanese bunkers. From there along paths to and around the lake following the eyeline to Pullman. Thus he was drawn through Reservoir Park to the Waterfront, and the James Brooke Pavilion, lahksa, and a meander with periodic frantic bower bird behaviour at Main Bazaar traders, before going onto the Hilton for coffee and cheesecake and a teksi home to unpack and record the adventure, for the pleasure of his imaginary companion.

All the time talking to her, as if she’s there beside him.



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