LOVING A****M******* AGAIN

Just some pictures tonight .

I love talking with you Annie, hearing your voice,  your laugh,  but don’t want to do much other than think about what we talked about after. My phone credits are down to a couple of dollars – a quick Goodnight! is still possible – no long textsux conversations. Maybe some more Pmail thoughts later if they happen. I’ve a sequence of the walk with George posted online on the MorningGlory page. Too many files to post as Pmail. Sorry. It makes me think – reflect. This is a happy effortless place for me. If I had to leave, go back for family – I’d be unhappy and back as soon as I could get away. Maybe there’s another place in Australia I want to get very old in. But this does seem me-sized and oh so much more chic (and affordable) than a bunker in the bushfire zone.

We’ll have to see.  –


The  walk is posted here – just click the link above Geekette – and  you’re there!

Noice! A random rant from and about her ageing lover to A**** M*******

That’s right Princess. its about me.

It’s not right. Get with it Granny Geek! Get a bloody computer that works. That iToy is pretty – but useless. Just too chic. When the battery’s not flat. I put bloody hours into those pixs, for total strangers to gawk at and appreciate them better, in a public space on the internet . I made them for you! Get a Flaptop. Get an iFad. Get with it. It’s not right! If you don’t I will continue to be under appreciated and misunderstood by the only audience I’m working.It’s not right! You know something else N’Annie I’m beginning to look 70. No more photographs please.But I don’t feel that old. Or do I? Maybe old age is contagious? Or I’m allergic to something?Someone? Tired people perhaps? It’s not right!

Maybe I’m  living the little bit of life I’ve got left just a bit too hard. Preparing for 4 subjects this week – teaching starts next week . It’s still hard after all these years – like performing, it never gets easier on the inside. First night nerves. The vaguely methodical Tony spends hours getting it right on paper then works from memory for 12 weeks. Look ma no hands! While the crazy one wishes the Princess would just take him walkies and throw sticks to fetch. Its not right. Need to get the studio space at Morning Glory secured – metal grills for the two windows and the door. I have a feeling I’ll be paying for it. It’s not right. The motorbike accelerator cable has frozen/siezed – need to get it to the repair shop – Where? And there’s always Ward Wars back in Melbourne whenever I lose interest in mouldering in peace. It’s not right.  The internet’s too slow, my laptop needs a good purge. It’s sluggish,  just like me. Digital prune juice. My only shoes need repairs. It’s not right! (It’s the left one) I miss doing animations. Where are you Fuzzy? Need some new music. Haven’t touched the graphic novel in months. ECCE BORNEUM! Stopped drawing. Talking to myself in the shower. Pass the anti fungal…It’s not right .

I’m looking for a pome to write you.

Something sweet and mushy just for you to deplore.

Pretend to ignore. Same thing. I can’t find it tonight. This midnight. Some way of telling you in a way that might not hurt.

That I’m going mad without certainty in my life. It’s not your fault.

It’s not right.

Your bed is there and mine is here.

It’s not right. It just is.

It is beautiful. Oiled teak and marble . Made my day today. Visited Atelier MorningGlory on the way home just to say “Hi Gorgeous”. (It was delivered this morning)( God you’re beautiful!).Say hi to my table and chair. So classy and so cheap. All up with customised cushion – 700AUD?

Not just any workstation but something to die at.

Thinking about a hammock for a bed. Rush mats.  Looking for a standard fan (Chinese brass and enamel) – ceilings too low for ceiling fans. Hate the air conditioning. It lurks out of shot – a refrigerator stuck to the  wall. Still plenty of room for a cabinet of wonders. A Pyramid of Giza – A Barrow for Grave Goods.  Time to measure it up – start bargaining.

This madness must go on … It’s oh so not right.

I missed you in my day Gentle Annie, but will be brave and have discrete fantasies about you in a blue hammock while you go about the business of being a lady. Teasing. You can’t do anything conjugial in a hammock that isn’t dangerous. Certainly old people can’t. Even a fantasy might do irreversible damage. I’m also going to bed early, and reading (A.S.Byatt ~The Children’s Book) . If 8.30 is good enough for the Princess, then it’s ok by me. But I will wonder on and off what happened at the doctor’s – You can not tell me anything – as is your prerogative – I will still worry at silence – as is mine.

Next Satuday I have to wheel my motorbike a kilometre to the nearest repair shop. (End of Banana Road on Green) Early in the cool will be best before having a normally lunatic, irresponsible, beautiful day with you,  eating and shopping. And Hilton cheesecake and coffee. If you are free? Yes I’d like to buy you a modest but interesting don’t-die-yet gift. They do really nice wooden kitchen things – coconut wood? Maybe a sarong? There’s some saucy indigenous herbal remedies available in open suitcases in the bazaar…maybe some jewellery. Maybe…beads(glass) I think – loose – I’ll start buying them for you to thread during aged care occupational therapy sessions.

What else … oh I probably should pay the rent. Maybe on Sunday. Two months back rent I think. Boring. But a nice breakfast with JB the landlord is the usual receipt. Little Hainan – Pork with a rich dark sauce – noodles (mee).

Sunday will be a last day to get material ready for first classes on Monday.  It’ll be fine. (Ha!) If it’s not – who’s going to know. Need to find the cobbler to fix my shoe.

Did I mention I missed you tonight?

Hundreds gather for Hungry Ghost Festival

by Lee Ya Yun, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on September 2, 2012, Sunday

KUCHING: Hundreds of devotees, members of the public, photographers and foreign tourists gathered at Carpenter Street’s Siang Ti Temple as early as 7pm on Friday to participate in the Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Yu Lan.

The event was organised by the Kuching Teochew Association.

It started with an offering ceremony, where a series of prayers and rituals were led by association president Kapitan Tan Kit Leng.

This was followed by the burning of joss paper (ghost money) contributed by the devotees, as offerings to the ghosts and spirits including deceased family members.

The nearly hour-long burning ceremony ended with the offering of items made of paper such as houses.

As with other Hungry Ghost events, the ceremony known as Qiang Gu, where devotees are allowed to grab the offerings, usually in the form of food, was the climax.

For Siang Ti Temple’s Qiang Gu ceremony, devotees waited to grab lucky number tokens, which were later exchanged for the numbered offerings.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar.

Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/09/02/hundreds-gather-for-hungry-ghost-festival/#ixzz25OT5FwC3

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