Dear Augustus
Cause and effect rule the universe.
I hope that some or more of the causes I’ve initiated here
over the last 3 years will continue to have effect after I’m gone.
Having made the decision, in the absence of counsel otherwise ,
to not  initiate any more causes between now and my contract end-
December 3o – I have already committed to return to Australia,
eventually, in time for the
first semester start there.
Not sure, but it’s the almost certain outcome of events far
away, that I will be re-employed by the Melbourne faculty – or is it
the arrogance of age? To quote Enn Ong –  my job here is done .
Or not.
Anyhow I’m leaving this version of SwinburneDesign – Time to share out  the
good stuff before I leave.
My Hello Kitty Desk Tidy I would like …
Moral for Yesterday
You can lead a student* to knowledge but you can’t make them learn . 
Why was I here.
1.Establishing and sustaining the bona fides of the Melbourne program in Kuching
was the prime imperative.
2. Mentoring staff in a more engaged pedagogy was number  2.
3. Encouraging a use of the special relationship between student and tutor for
a better outcome because – the your best is our best approach is
the future of the program.
4. The issue of turning decorators into communicating designer’s
through better, more confident language skills over making skills.
5.To support the transition to the new accredited program and
maintain and support local authorship whilst maintaining
the graduate attributes , industry expectations and academic
rigour equivalency.
6. To get used to no one listening to you about the things you
are unequivocally expert in.
 academic staff activities – teaching
Establishment and maintenance of a dynamic studio
practice model
Understanding of an integrated design process
Language and meaning
The responsibilities of authorship
Data analysis
Problem definition
Visualisation of idea
Strategic planning
Document writing and design
Integrated media
Designed communication
Design and imaging for publication
Publication marketing rationale
Text editing
Art direction
Typographic design
Indigo – On Values and direction  Post Rediscovery (ICOGRADA DESIGN CONFERENCE) Russell Kennedy Frida Larios wRega
rWega – Discussion pending – the viability and role of professional graphic design associations
and their role in the market place – the community – without a strong design education platform .
students projects with industries
Student outcomes of HDCOM311 were presented to Dr.George Ngui
and in turn presented to interest groups. 
 any other external engagement activities
Design and writing consultation  with Kuching publishing clients – pro bono
Consulted and authored Illustrative Media specialization for the communication design
program accreditation and  program planning with  Nicole Wragg/Christopher Waller FoD SUT
Ongoing dialogue with Australian design educators, designers, consultancies and allied industries = AGDA AGI
Ongoing publication of image making practice = 3 ISLANDS DOUBLE HAPPINESS
Consulting with design/art/ practitioners on use of blogs
Student Blogs established for units of study
Personal – Collecting & research
Indonesian batik sarong patterns
Qing shipwreck ceramics, Dutch, English, Japanese trade ware.
Late colonial Kuching (60’s) graphic culture

Design(v) as the human mechanism of cultural fusion – from food to font.

Moral for Today
Too many Shamans spoil the spell

Tony (AFW) Ward / Lecturer / Graphic/ Design / School of Business and Design / Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak / Jalan Simpang Tiga 93350 Kuching / Office : G506 /Tel : +60 82 260945 (Internal : 8945 ) Fax : +60 82 423 594 / Ambassador INDIGO http://www.indigodesignnetwork.org/Blog : https://anthonyfward.wordpress.com/


Dear Design colleagues, 

A friendly reminder regarding my email below. Adam, Ralph, many thanks for sending yours.


August Ray

Lecturer, Multimedia Design | Associate Dean (Design) | Faculty of Business and Design | Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus)

Direct Line +60 82 260 690  | General Line +60 82 416 353 ext 8690  | Office G504, 5th Floor, G Block | Email asegar@swinburne.edu.my

From: Augustus Raymond Segar 

Sent: Tuesday, 2 July, 2013 9:59 PM
To: Adam Newcombe; Augustus Raymond Segar; Gregory LikHoo Wee; John IngKieng Hii; Kristian YewSin Lee; Michael WeiChuen Lee; Monita Roughsedge; Raja Sharil Azhar Raja Abdillah; Ralph Klewitz; Sathish Kumar Manoharan; SooBoon Ang; Tony Ward; Wilson Suai Moses; ZiaYee Tho

Subject: Faculty activities from April – June 2013

Dear colleagues,

I am currently compiling our Faculty’s update that relates to (1) academic staff activities, (2) students projects with industries and (3) any other external engagement activities that took place from April – June 2013. This is to allow everyone in the Faculty to know what everyone else is doing, and of course to update our management regarding our activities and contribution to the University.

 For example, from January – March 2013:

§  Dr. Adam John Newcombe, Mr. Michael Lee Wei Chuen and Mr. Kristian Lee Yew Sin were the panels and judges for Logo Design Competition in the Jawatankuasa Mencipta Logo, Lagu dan Tema Sempena Sambutan 50 Tahun Penyertaan Sarawak Dalam Malaysia, organized by Yayasan Sarawak.

§  Mr. Augustus Raymond Segar invited Brett Bibby, a game developer, founder of Gamebrains and Unity Evangelist for Southeast Asia & Hong Kong to deliver a presentation on the Potential of Game Industry in Malaysia, in Swinburne Sarawak.

§  Mr. John Hii Ing Kieng and Mr. Wilson Suai Moses Jantan will be continuing the Advanced Technology project with Sarawak Tourism Board Semester 1, 2013.


You may also include workshops for schools you that have conducted, collaboration with industries that you carried out and activities that show your contribution to the betterment of the program, that brings strategic benefit to the University.

Please email me individually (do not reply to all), latest by this 12:00PM, Friday, 5 July 2013. I will compile everything and share the document with everyone in the team the following week.


Have a lovely evening, everyone.



August Ray


Lecturer, Multimedia Design | Associate Dean (Design) | Faculty of Business and Design | Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus)

Direct Line +60 82 260 690  | General Line +60 82 416 353 ext 8690  | Office G504, 5th Floor, G Block | Email asegar@swinburne.edu.my

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