The last man on Earth sat alone in a room.

There was a knock on the door.

Frederick Brown

Imagine all human beings swept off the face of the earth, excepting one man. Imagine this man in some vast city, New York or London. Imagine him on the third or fourth day of his solitude sitting in a house and hearing a ring at the door-bell! (Ponkapog Papers, 1904[1])

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

bees-work-blog-frida1-1BUGGER3SATHUDAY 31 JADEhands-water-chairsbees-work-blog-frida1-MOTHCAMPUS MOTHbees-work-blog-frida1-1NELSONIMG_0007IMG_0008IMG_0042bees-work-blog-frida1-1FREDIMG_0059IMG_0026IMG_0016bees-work-blog-frida1-1LOBBYRIVERBANK LOBBYbees-work-blog-frida1-1VIPIMG_0056

meer and greetSATHUDAY 31handshakeCRYSTAL BALLbees-work-blog-frida1-1GALLERYIMG_0071IMG_0070bees-work-blog-frida1-1DIETIES 2nelsons-gallery-riverbank_page_1

IMG_0100c copy

nelsons-gallery-riverbank_page_2NELSONS GALLERY RIVERBANK_Page_3NELSONS GALLERY RIVERBANK_Page_4NELSONS GALLERY RIVERBANK_Page_5NELSONS GALLERY RIVERBANK_Page_6NELSONS GALLERY RIVERBANK_Page_7bees-work-blog-frida1-1CHAIRSIMG_0024IMG_0025bees-work-blog-frida1-1NEWIMG_0035 copyabeng-and-paintings_page_1

These paintings are by Raphael Scott Abeng 

bees-work-blog-frida1-1HOMESSATHUDAY 31SHOPLOT1SHOPLOT HOUSES Xbees-work-blog-frida1-1DIETIESSATHUDAY 31tigerIMG_0105IMG_0107silhouettegodsbees-work-blog-frida1-1GUANYINIMG_0126IMG_0125IMG_0127IMG_0129

GODS 3gods 2gods 4GODS1IMG_0144bees-work-blog-frida1-1JADESATHUDAY 31JADEIMG_0121IMG_0113IMG_0115IMG_0112IMG_0111JADE FISHIMG_0104IMG_0105JADE 2IMG_0117

IMG_0025 copybees-work-blog-frida1-1PORKDELICIOUSSATHUDAY 3CHAIR1bees-work-blog-frida1-1RATBEES-WORK-RAT copy

A Rat is a Rat is a Rat

And that’s that.


Art is a farce is a farce

A farce by any other name still smells.



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2 Responses to “SATHUDAY SHORT STORY #31”

  1. David Lancashire Says:

    Your good with the exotic ..great looking images Tony your old mate
    Now in UK David

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