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Two and a half years later, Charles Osborne, the Brisbane actor, writer and poet, set out from Melbourne on the voyage north, accompanied by the actor Peter Kerr.” Their different journeys through life and their London and literary experiences …PETER KERR -CHARLES OSBORNE3


This late nineteenth century painted plaster bust of a bedouin was on a pedestal in the tessellated front hall of Chiselhurst 35 Wallace Avenue. Peter’s father, my grandfather T.W. Kerr had been a driver  in the Western Desert after enlisting. He took up an opportunity to be trained as a flying officer Photographer in the Royal Flying Corp and went to London where he met Peter’s mother Nita Gladys Smith.Theywere married in Ipswich where  my mother was born .Peter was the youngest of four children.

Only 9 years my senior we were inevitably companions at Chiselhurst until 1953 when he left Melbourne for London. I have no idea how I came to have this figure but imagine I took it off my grandmother’s hands in the sixties when she was the fearful matriarch in a war widow’s cottage called Greba in Bulleen, and Victorian tat was chic in my version of inner city post art school bohemia.

Death certificate 9.3.19W

Sherry & Sons funeral bill £3,955.00 21.11.19

First Direct letter 27.11.19

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