86 bis


AJA-CLEAR31030934338_3f7407e521_z (1)UNION STUDIOcipressixMORANDI gifmaker (80)180830 A1.05 FLOOR PLAN_PROPOSED180830 A2.03 ELEVATIONS_PROPOSED180830 A2.04 ELEVATIONS_PROPOSED180830 A7.01 3D RENDERMAIN180830-A226058002907_213c1f27e6_b26057987337_391955a0f6_k (1)40889032852_2616c481e2_b40222396144_be1549c85b_k (1)86hargravesafwEXHIBITA86PLAN-1Studio_DD_AW5A1EXHIBITA86PLAN-2EXHIBITA86STREET2668_001_Page_32668_001_Page_12668_001_Page_2

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