If leaving HOME was difficult for the Crooked Man
he certainly didn’t show it – or know it at the time. Every step up till the moment of the meal at Thai Thai on the evening of January 8 had been easy and any last doubt was momentarily veiled by the dear pleasure of eating with ASW, JSW and R&RB . The airport trip presaged by the sadness of a perfunctory farewell to JSW was a mere fuddling uncertainty. Extraction had begun – no going back – a new myth begun – would begin – a small alternative parallel life had been launched – but the fantasy was freezing into a gothic facade he imagined vaguely threatening perhaps as he always knew it was. Too late – there was no turning back. The cathartic journey envied by AM and celebrated by AFW in song had begun. Still not knowing if it was a completion or a beginning – it certainly was an invention – equal to any he could have claimed in his past. Possibly his greatest? Why did he choose to go – discarding prevarication – almost decisively – was simply because he had to show courage. How could he leave so much – for so much unknown? Firstly to preserve one – put it in storage – suspended animation – for a different future that would start when he returned. Secondly because he could. And if he didn’t ~ he’d be damned. Convinced his absence would pass unnoticed by many ~ unrecorded ~ beyond an annotation on an online HR file ~ he chosen to step outside the bubble created over 20 years just to see if it was still there when he returned.

Could technology be trusted to maintain the life support systems?

Could he breathe in space was another very real question?

The Journey Begins 1.15 am Friday January 8 2010




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