AFW arrived at Ormrod Court at the corner of Kensington Park Road and Westbourne Grove the evening of January 8 2010. Unable to go directly to Gibraltar Cottage in Pembury , Kent from Heathrow due to the disruption to rail services and road by  snow he called his Uncle PJK and went through snow via the tube to Ladbroke Grove and walked to the apartment. The next morning at 7.00 am he stood on the corner of Kensington Park Road and Elgin Crescent opposite Kitchen & Pantry, a cafe and wifi environment where the following day he had coffee and almond croissant and then for three consecutive mornings after . By 9.00 the cafe filled with travellers and became unbearable. He would then return to Ormrod Court for breakfast with PJK and DA-bringing the paper – The Times on weekdays – The Independent on Sunday. Cole Porter most evenings.

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