Whatever the science
the essence of a journal
is in it’s absolute redundancy.It is surplus to need
information. A manifest(o) of human-ness.Sathuday is
itself an invention, a calendared madness if you
like, to justify the extent with which he indulges
his self and so much valuable time in reflection
upon things very small rarely big. By the end of
2013 he forsees that Sathuday – now occupying
2 days of the week – will be at least 3 days and
working will only be a means of funding it.
As Mrs.Boon says he is getting so good at
indulging himself, it’s time to go


sathuday too far_Page_1sathuday too far_Page_2SATHDAY TOO FAR 3NUDEA SATHDAY TOO FAR 4_Page_1BLUE JAR 2A SATHDAY TOO FAR 4_Page_2COMIX 1COMIX 2_Page_1COMIX 3comix3comix 4comix  5KNIVESA SATHDAY TOO FAR 4_Page_3BROWN BLUE 8 PLATES copyA SATHDAY TOO FAR 4_Page_4A SATHDAY TOO FAR 4_Page_5IMG_0177


One Response to “A SATHUDAY TOO FAR #7?”

  1. db Says:

    “It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you see them on the screen. “

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