A fish gotta swim

A heart gotta think

A brain gotta feel

This book gonna open*

Kronos Quartet ~ Anon




Rambutan Dreaming

A kiss on a Friday.


A bite from sharp teeth does the job

Sweetly nesting juices flood my gob

Firm tender tearing, wetly squirting

Roughly tongue probing not hurting

Eating rambutan is like a good fuck

All the better with a bowlful to suck.


Afternoon languishes richly scented

Beneath a grey sky’s canopy tented.

Sultry air’s veil hiding love’s plunder

Eager for the rudely shocking thunder.

The rushing embrace of a cool blast

Drowning rain’s wet kisses are past.


The day’s lust is too quickly spent

It’s brass gong beaten and well bent

Nacre glints encrust evening’s shade

The feast table of night is gently laid.

The guest of sleep will join me soon

Oh ageless quean, my mistress moon.


 She who in night’s adorning comes to me!

She who only my closed eyes clearly see!

She who kisses my heart with parted lips!

She who holds me in the span of her hips!

She who offers me imaginable body’s bliss!

She who is mine till dawn; I’m sure of this!




A boa coils replete like concrete turds

Upon a moulded tree, a few silly birds

The zodiac’s not so heavenly it seems

Reduced by progress to trivial memes

Traffic lights turn green and off we race

To match a workday jam’s snail pace.




A sextet of thoughts, couplets wrought

On what life near seventy has brought

Thunder stage left, the bats are flying!

Somewhere out there people are dying

He sits listening to some Riley chords

A heart turning gently to other Wards.


Beatum Vitam!

Terry Riley ~ Diamond Fiddle Language ~ Stefano Scodanibbio

Kuching April 2013







On waking from a slightly drunken sleep


Before that darkest night falls between us

I would wish to be on your hilltop Mistress Moon

to know the world as you would

see it hear it love it.


In such a high and caring place

those dull beasts we know will tear the world apart

cannot thrive, but as mocking blazons

writ clear on our shields.


There has never been peace

 in your realm where all is right for all

but I too can vouch that anyone who wishes

can make that perfect place for one alone…

…for now.



June 9 2013




New Riddles for a Sphinx #1



A gentle serpent

nests in the why of my heart.


A year of rain ~ so quickly drenching and so soon gone

A year of blossom ~ exploding anew each papaya dawn.

A year of fleeced blue sky ~ every sun-ruled day reborn

A year of peace all mine to grasp ~ a year I’m not alone.

A year of life ~ a banquet set to please a self unknown.

A year of hope ~ for husbanding seeds later to be sown.


Time has passed, wound slowly through wet evening air

Finding the sanctuary it sought in a nesting serpent lair.

Darkness a comfort dispelled by daylight’s basilisk stare

Serpentine meanderings are it’s unfolding diurnal prayer.

Time’s wind, passes not easily but stripped illusion bare

My gentle boa abides aloof waiting for a chance to snare.


In another time in other faces behind a moon lit masque

Resonating lust expands beyond it’s constricting casque.

Quickly draining the sweet why of our being’s sad flask,

My serpent gazes fascinated, sated by a quaestor’s task.

It’s darkest urge to answer all the questions life will ask

Then savour being’s riddle in a cooling day’s brief dusk?


Kuching May 2013








Lemons from Noojee there was

On the kitchen bench because

Your Mother has landed

Not at all empty handed

But with something easy to toss.






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