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On Thursday at 10.30 am Juanita Sumen Ward

after 18 hours in transit from Melbourne,
arrived at Kuching International Airport
where Alexander Sumen Ward is waiting
with their father Anthony Frederick Ward.
ASW had arrived in Kuching the previous Sunday.
Except for annual trips to Melbourne at C’mas and London the
previous June, AFW has been in Kuching for two and a half years.
ASW and JSW have both visited their father before, on the way to or
from somewhere else. Escaping the air conditioned Arrivals into the

vv13821403-square--tibetan-endless-knot--black-and-white        vv13821403-square--tibetan-endless-knot--black-and-white           vv13821403-square--tibetan-endless-knot--black-and-white

heat of the Kuching day for a short time, they re-enter only to have
a quick meal and drink before exiting via Departures and AirAsia
at 1.40 for Kota Kintabilu, Sabah and the Shangri-La Rasa Ria
Resort Hotel, 50 minutes by taxi, north of the KK airport at
the tip of Borneo. Here they spend 3 nights and four days
anticipating and celebrating the 70th birthday of
Anthony Frederick Ward on the 17th of
June, the day after returning
to Kuching, and the day before
two of the three would return
then to Melbourne, work,
and winter. Not just his
birthday, but
marking their family’s calendar
indelibly with an ending and a shared
new beginning to three separate journeys.


beatum-2-copyhibiscusa-copy1x2 beatum-2-copyhibiscusa-copy1x21the-last-resort-birthdaypattern1THE LAST RESORT BLUEnitathe-last-resort-birthdaypattern2THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY airportcopythe-last-resort-birthdaypattern3THE LAST RESORT BLUENITAthe-last-resort-birthdaypattern4THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAYresort1THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY resort2copythe-last-resort-birthdaypattern5THE LAST RESORT BLUEflowersthe-last-resort-birthdaypattern6THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAYALEXDINNERthe-last-resort-birthdaypattern7THE LAST RESORT BCELADONthe-last-resort-birthdaypattern8THE LAST RESORT BLUEdrinksthe-last-resort-birthdaypattern9THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAYDRINKSthe-last-resort-birthdaypattern1the-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finial2THE LAST RESORT BLUEdadand davethe-last-resort-blueafwalex21the-last-resort-bluealex-1the-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finial2the-last-resort-birthdaypattern11THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY resort3THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY beach7THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY beach6the-last-resort-birthdaypattern12the-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finial2THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY beach5THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY beach4THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY beach3THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAYbeach1the-last-resort-birthdaybeach2the-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finialthe-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finial2the-last-resort-birthdaypattern13THE LAST RESORT BLUE copyTHE LAST RESORT BLUEafwalexTHE LAST RESORT BLUEthe-last-resort-birthdaypattern14THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAY one candlecopythe-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finial2THE LAST RESORT BLUEnita2THE LAST RESORT BIRTHDAYhibiscus finial1the-last-resort-birthdaypattern15BEATUM-2-copyHIBISCUSA copyhappy-birthday-afw-2xBGXXhappy-birthday-afw-2xBGXhappy-birthday-afw-2xBGbeatum-2-copyhibiscusa-copy2-1the-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finial2THE LAST RESORT BLUEdrift2the-last-resort-birthdayhibiscus-finial2



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One Response to “ARE WE THERE YET?”

  1. Helen Wire Says:

    70 glorious years celebrated in perfect AFW style.
    xxx Helen

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