A Dedication




Parva velut limax spreto Remora impete venti,
Remorumque, ratem sistere sola potest:
Sic quosdam ingenio et virtute ad sidera vectos
Detinet in medio tramite caussa levis.
Anxia lis veluti est, vel qui meretricius ardor
Egregiis iuvenes sevocat a studiis.

Small as a snail, the remora is able by itself to stop a ship.

It’s disdainful of the force of wind and oars.

So some petty circumstance can check in mid-career certain men who are, by genius and by virtue, headed for the stars.

Likewise a tormenting law-suit, or a passion for a prostitute, draws youths from their distinguished studies.


THE EMBLEM – John Manning

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