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February 26, 2010


Music and lyrics by Agustin Lara

(Translation by Coby Lubliner)

Granada, tierra sonada por mi,
mi cantar se vuelve gitano
cuando es para ti;
mi cantar, hecho de fantasia,
mi cantar, flor de melancolia,
que yo te vengo a dar.

Granada, tierra ensangrentada
en tardes de toros;
mujer que conserva el embrujo
de los ojos moros.
Te sueno rebelde y gitana
cubierta de flores,
y beso tu boca de grana,
jugosa manzana,
que me habla de amores.

Granada, manola cantada
en coplas preciosas;
no tengo otra cosa que darte
que un ramo de rosas,
de rosas, de suave fragancia,
que le dieran marco a la Virgen Morena.

Granada, tu tierra esta llena
de lindas mujeres,
de sangre y de sol.


Granada, land I’ve been dreaming about,
When my song’s for you it turns into
A Gypsy-like shout.
It’s my song, made of a dreamer’s folly,
Yes, my song, flower of melancholy,
That I now bring to you.

Granada, your soil is made bloody
By men and bulls fighting;
A woman whose Moorish eyes give her
A charm that’s exciting.
Rebellious Gypsy in my dreaming,
All covered with flowers,
I kiss your red mouth that’s so gleaming,
A ripe apple, seeming
To speak love for hours.

Granada, with beautiful rhymes, like
A girl, poets sing you;
Except for a plain bunch of roses
I’ve nothing to bring you;
Of roses with fragrance so mild that
They could be a frame for the dark Holy Virgin.

Granada, your soil is submerged in
A sea of great beauties,
Of blood and of sun.


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