Double happiness has come to me in this year, the year of the Serpent, with the magical forging of a spiritual union with place. Not between an A and a B but between as many independent parts as there are to my life and Kuching.

 This time it’s an Alchemical Marriage.

It’s only 4 years give or take since I came to this good place. In that time many things here and elsewhere that were planted before came to a pleasing fruition. Not a business plan but a Life plan where happiness is the dividend paid on the investment. Not a plan really but the act of a man desperate enough at the prospect of living forever to experiment with himself.

 The reward of optimism is happiness.

Precipitate acts even catastrophes are catalytic. Neither good or not good. Just necessary. Like a caroming sphere in that strange gentlemen’s game – billiards. Like one  amongst trillions of atoms in infiite space fated to collide, to combine and collide again and again. Evolving in increments to all the elements needed to fabricate human dreams.


I’m not leaving Kuching but I am leaving Swinburne Sarawak sadly. Following my maxim to all who would try it as a life’s purpose –  to stop teaching when you stop learning – I’m returning to Swinburne Melbourne with the optimism of a beginner to return to Sarawak later and continue the Experiment when the time is right and a Federally mandated license to spend money and enjoy the good life … in a good place, are in my passport.

This C’mas post with its many hyperlinks is some sort of summary document of my time and thoughts in this last year and right back to when I first initiated the Solvitas Perambulum blog in January 2010 and started a journey I thought was finite but now seems happily to be continuing.

I thank a large group of people at Swinburne for their support of my wilting capacities. A small group of students for their enthusiasm in learning with me. An even smaller group of people who politely ignored my limitations as a political animal.

My enthusiastic gratitude for this place Kuching and its people being in my Life when I needed them most is apparent to even a casual reader of the posts and pages I hope.

I learnt so much.

Thank you.



One Post 100 Hyperlinks



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